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Overdraft Pictures is a South East (U.S.) based production company. We produce shorts, full features and series of all genres. Overdraft started with only a one man crew and talent, but now has grown so much in the past year. We are always looking for talented people for roles and crew positions in different films. We shoot all over the South East and sometimes even further. Not only do we produce many of our own film's, but we also write and sell screenplay's in all different genres and styles. We also take requests. 

Overdraft Pictures has three short films under our belts. The quality of the films were up and down because of the minimal crew, talent and lack of resources. We are proud to say that is behind us now and we are moving forward with a new Producers/Writers/Actors Edwin Morgan III and Atlanctic Morgan. The business half of the company is in great hands and is now on the rise.

Overdraft Pictures is committed to bringing the fun and "feeling" back to the big and small screen. The more we do the bigger we grow. With two drama's and one horror behind us, we're looking forward to our next project of action and suspense. Owner of Overdraft Pictures, Writer/Director/Actor/amateur cameraman and editor Raymond Scanlon, has been in the industry for years and has a great track record for bringing the audience into the movie. He is also always on the hunt for new and fresh talent. 

We are excited to share our growth with you and hope you're excited too. Keep and eye out for upcoming announcements. The new Overdraft Pictures has a surprise for all. What we were once lacking, we now have!    

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