Overdraft Pictures LLC 

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Perks for Businesses who wish to sponsor Overdraft Pictures.

1.) 25.00  per month : Listed on our Sponsor page with up to 3 links can be to your Website, Facebook, Youtube, ect... If you do not                                          if you do not want links shown you can have your address, business number, and hours of business shown.                                            Plus a personal thank you letter from Overdraft Pictures.

2.) 50.00  per month : Your company gets listed in the credits of every short film produced by Overdraft Pictures, and your                                                         company will receive a copy of every short film we produce. You also receive all previous perks.

3.) 75.00   per month : Your company receives 2 Overdraft Pictures T-shirts (2 New Shirts each year of support)  plus all previous                                             perks.

4.) 100.00 per month : Your company logo shown in 2 short films produced by Overdraft Pictures (For every year of support you                                                will receive an extra film placement. Maximum of 4) , plus all previous perks

5.) 150.00 per month : Behind the scenes access for 2 employees or one film (short or feature length) each year of support, plus all                                            previous perks.

6. 200.00 per month : Company logo shown in a full length movie (each year of support) , plus a copy f everything that Overdraft                                             Pictures makes, and all previous perks. 

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